What is intraday trading? At what time frame, what is leverage?

What is intraday trading?

This type of trading in which shares are bought and sold within the same day is called intraday trading. In intraday trading, you sell the shares on the day you buy, so it is also very risky.

 Things to keep in mind while doing intraday trading
 • Plans for Intraday Trading
 • Indicators for intraday trading
 • Time frame of intraday trading
 • make profit in intraday trading
 • Manage Risk in Intraday Trading
 • How to choose stocks for intraday trading
 • leverage in intraday trading
 Plans for Intraday Trading
Because intraday trading is more risky, you have to carry a target or goal, if you do not do this then you will also lose your money. In intraday trading, you should invest the same amount of money that you do not become too emotional or sad even after losing.
 Indicators for intraday trading
Indicators play a vital role in internet trading, your chances of making profits by using indicators increase up to 80%. The best indicator for intraday trading is the Moving Average Conversion Divergence (MACD) relative strength index (RSI). That’s why you should know how to use these indicators well.
 intraday trading time frame

The opening hours of the stock market in India are 9:15 AM and the closing hours are 3:30 PM. Therefore, if you use the time frame of 5 minutes or 15 minutes, then you will get good results.

make profit in intraday trading?
To make profit in intraday trading, you must be well versed in using indicators, which greatly increase your chances of making profit, and you should use candle stick charts in trading and understand the bullish and bearish candles.
risk manage in intraday trading

While doing intraday trading, you must put a stop loss, so that if the market falls down and touches your stop loss, then automatically you will be out of the market, so that you will be able to manage your loss and avoid more losses.

The very first step in the market is to choose the stocks which is the most difficult task, and if you choose the right stocks then you will make profit easily. So while doing intraday trading you should know how to use technical analysis, indicators, candle chart patterns.
leverage in intraday trading?
The word leverage is derived from the word lever which means to do maximum work with least force, similarly leverage works in the stock market in which many stockbroker companies provide you the margin. 10X 15X, due to which you can buy stocks from Rs 2000 to Rs 20000, but you get to see leverage only in intraday trading.

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