what is income, passive income and active income

What is income

As a person grows up, the responsibility of his family hair falls on his shoulders as he grows up, and to fulfill this responsibility the person starts working, for this he gets the money, and this is the income. it is said.

 There are mainly two types of income, active income and passive income, and today you will know about these two in this article, which you can solve your money problem by following, so let’s know.

In this income, you can guess only by listening to the active word, that you earn money by working hard and if you do not work hard on that day you will not have any income.

 Let’s understand from an examiner, “If Mohan is a doctor and he treats his patients every day which gives him money, but he suddenly falls ill the next day, due to which he is unable to treat the patients and gives him money Do not even get ”means Dham in lieu of work.

This income is the best way to earn money, but most people do not know about passive income so that they cannot make their life more different. To generate this income, you work like a creator, who solve the problems of the people, such as creating an e-book, attracting people to you by creating a YouTube channel or writing a blog, answering people’s questions. Give etc. In passive income you earn life time royalty by attracting people, so it is very important to have quality in your product. So that you can earn life time money by doing one thing.

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