How to Invest | Compound interest

Do you also want to achieve financial freedom at the age of 40 in your life, then you must read this article

Investment is the easiest way to get financial freedom, there are many ways, but today we will know how to invest in the stock market? In this, you have to choose a good value company by investing in it and the same company gives you a compound interest of a few percent annually on the investment you have made.
But now the question is coming in your mind that what is the investment, how to invest in it and how and what is the compound interest on it? So let us now know some important things.
What is investment?
Invest is a resource in which we invest our money in our present time and earn it with an investment / return value after 5 to 10 years, it is called Invest.
 How to invest
To invest, you must first have a demat account and then you have to choose one of the valuable company and you should have complete information about that company while investing.
 You should keep in mind the rules while investing
 1. Company you should understand
 2. Company must be valid
 3. Invest only if you feel the price is right

 Compound interest

Compound interest like we also say (Chakravarti interest), in this interest you get interest on top of interest. For example if you invest ₹ 100000 in a bank and you are getting compound interest of 10% per annum, you will get 110000 in 1 year. And in its second year you will get interest on ₹ 110000 due to ₹ 100000.

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