How To Earn Money Online ll how to make money online for beginners

 How To Earn Money Online

how to make money online for beginners

In this changing digital world, earning money has also become digital so that you can earn a lot by working a few hours and by doing more hard work and doing more good work, you can earn much more than those who do real jobs and today we will give you  We will tell you some such ways on which you can make a good income by giving a few hours.

 How To Generate Referral Income

This way of earning money online is the most easy and secure. To make referral income, you create an account on many websites or apps and from your link, ask your friend or any person to open an account on that app or website or that  It is said to buy any product through a particular link, it depends on the passion or work of the website or app and if he does any activity through your link then you get his commission which is called referral income.

For example, if you have an Upstock account and you open anyone’s account through your Upstock link or it opens itself, then Upstock immediately gives you ₹ 1000 as referral income.

Note: I keep changing the bid for referral income.


You can also earn money online by becoming a freelancer and to do freelancing, you can open your account on trusted platforms like Fiber Freelancer and Upwork, on freelancer sites you get to do many things like photo editing video editing data entry animation logo design  etc. For which you have to place a bid and if someone likes your bid price then he hires you for any particular one work and after doing that work that person pays you.


You can also earn money by writing an e-book, if you have a good knowledge of any topic and you can explain it in easy language, then you can make an e-book on that topic and if your contact is powerful then your e-book  It will be easy to sell so that you can easily earn lakhs of rupees.  There are many platforms for selling e-books but the most popular and popular platform is Amazon Kindle, on which you can publish and sell your e-books and generate a secure income for yourself without investment.


You can also make investment income without blocking on Blogger, you can login to Google’s Blogger platform and give your information in the form of an article and when there are more and more articles on your blogger then you can make your site with Google Adsense.  By which you will start seeing advertisements on your blogger and you will also start earning on your blog through Adsense.

 Selling Photo

 This is the easiest way to earn money if you capture and make very good photos then you can sell those photos and earn money from them photo sale you can do by opening account on platform like Shutterstock, EyeEm, and Getty Images etc.  Huh.


The way to earn money online by doing surveys is very popular and popular. Surveys are run by many big companies and in this survey you have to answer some questions, so that the company gets to know about you and your interest and  The company pays you to know this.

 Play Game

This way to earn money is very good and fun  Through these platforms, Rummy, MPL and 8 ball poll etc. you can compete games with anyone and earn money by winning.


YouTube is the most popular and popular platform in the world to earn money online, crores of people are earning millions of rupees online through YouTube.  If more than one video is uploaded, then you can easily earn lakhs of rupees by putting ads on your channel or advertising a company, only by working a few hours of the day, YouTube gives money on views if you have good contact and attract people.  If you are going to do it, then you will earn more and more money in no time.

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