How to earn money by credit card.

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In today’s topic, we will know How to earn money by credit card. And I believe that by reading this, you will know how we can save and earn money by using credit card, I believe that by reading this you will know how credit card is used.

Earn money by taking advantage of credit card billing cycles.

There comes a time in life when we have to make decisions irrespective of our financial condition, the decision can be anything, whether to buy something or spend money somewhere, and in this situation we turn to credit cards. Let’s agree. (We get credit cards from the same bank in which we have our account like Bank of America) The limit may vary for each credit card, depending on the issuer of the credit card. So the person who has that credit card can spend up to $10000 in 1 month if his limit is $1000 otherwise not.

But it is not like this, we also read to repay the money spent from the credit card, it should not be forgotten that the credit card is also a loan, but in this situation many unknown people do not know how to use the credit card. That’s why they forget the billing cycle of the credit card.

Every credit card has a billing cycle in which the credit card holder has to repay the money spent in 10 days to 45 days if a person returns the money spent in 45 days. If there is no interest of any kind on it, but if it is more than 1 day after 45 days, then the credit card issuer starts imposing various types of penalties on the credit card holder, so try that you pay the credit card bill Submit on time.

If you use credit card mostly in your daily life and you want to earn money from it then first of all you have to save as much as your monthly expenses in your bank account if your monthly expenses are $10000 then you can save $10000 in your bank account. You can save and meet your expenses with a credit card, now this will mean that you will get monthly interest on the $ 10000 you have saved in the bank account, the annual interest in a good bank is up to 7%, so you will get a monthly interest of $ 10,000.

You will get interest of $58 and the expenses that you have done with your credit card will be debited from your bank account. You can also do this automatically. For example, if your credit card limit is $10,000 and your monthly expenses are $10,000, then you can meet your expenses with a credit card and you can collect the credit card bill from the amount deposited in your bank. Are. But you will have to deposit this bill within 45 days, if you do not deposit it, then you may have to pay many types of penalties.

But now you think, if you follow this role every month, then you can save up to $ 58 every month, of course, it is not a huge amount, but you can do it every month for a long time, you can save a huge amount and this You can invest the amount in monthly mutual funds and earn up to 15% interest.

Reward points – credit card

When you make more and more purchases with the credit card, the credit card gives you reward points and with the help of those points, you can pay your bills. Credit card points depend on the item purchased.

Choose a low fee credit card

Whenever a person takes a credit card, the first thing that comes to his mind is that if the credit card bill is not paid on time, then many types of penalties may be imposed, which is natural, so whenever you apply for a credit card, Check thoroughly which card charges a lot for non-payment of credit card bill and choose the card which has the least fees.

Cash back offer – credit card

Whenever you buy a product with credit card, find out whether the product has a cashback offer or not. Many times cashback offers run on credit cards, for example, whenever you buy a product on Amazon, you will get cashback from your credit card in the offer. Will get offer This offer can be up to 1%-5%.

Credit card Mutual fund

You can complete your monthly with credit card and you can get interest on the money saved and you can invest the interest received in mutual funds and with the saved money you can pay the credit card bill It can give you a huge amount in the long term.


There is a fixed date for credit card billing payment, try to deposit your bill on or before this date, otherwise you may be charged a penalty.

Transfer balance to reduce interest

Many a time we unknowingly take on high interest rate credit card due to which we have to pay high fees and to save on this thing you can transfer that amount to low interest rate credit card and save many dollars yes it is possible.

Taking advantage of the 0% APR balance transfer offer will give you time to top up your balance without charging any interest. For example, you can transfer a $6,000 balance to a 0% APR credit card at 17% for 12 months. Relocating can save up to $800.

Do not carry balance

Pay your balance in full on time every month If you carry a balance and make deposit finance payments none of the benefits of the card will be worth it, the interest you pay and delays cancel out the rewards you’ve earned Could.

How do you multiply credit card rewards

To maximize the rewards on your credit card, it may make sense to have a few rewards cards. A Red Around cashback card, a travel rewards card and it fits your spending habits.

Don’t Pay Foreign Transaction Fees

Credit card issuers charge you a foreign transaction fee whenever you make an international purchase, usually 3% of the amount, although some credit card issuers waive the foreign transaction fee.


Whenever you do international transactions, you must inform your credit card issuer first or else your credit card may get blocked.

Credit card advantages and disadvantages

As we know that credit card is also a loan and how we use the loan depends on us, we can use the loan in the right way and also in the wrong way, it is our advantage and loss. Depending on the use, it has advantages and disadvantages due to the following reasons.

Benefits of credit card
  • EMI facility If you are planning to buy an expensive product and you do not want to deposit your saved money in one go, then you can take advantage of the EMI facility of the credit card, in which you can postpone the amount of your purchased product. For example, if you are buying a $1200 product and you don’t want to make the full payment at once, you can divide your amount monthly using a credit card. (100$×12=1200$)
  • Purchase Protection If you buy a product with a credit card, there is additional protection in the form of insurance on that product. If the product is damaged before its specified time, you can submit a claim to the credit card.
credit card disadvantages
  • High interest rates If you do not pay your credit card bill on time, you are charged a late fee, which can go from 3% to 36% per annum.
  • Low CIBIL Score If you buy a product with a credit card and you do not pay the bill for that product on time, it will reduce your CIBIL score and you may face problems in getting a loan in the future.

Earning money from credit card is a complicated process, if you are thinking of earning money from credit card, then it is not that easy either, for this you should know about credit card policies or you can run from a financial advisor and You can know how to use it without knowing the credit card policies, its use can be a side effect.


Can I make money with a credit card?

Huge signup bonus, earning rewards, especially cash back rewards.

Can i earn money with credit card?

Yes, you can earn money from credit card, there are many ways to earn money from credit card.

Should I do credit card transactions abroad?

No, you should not do credit card transactions abroad, if you do so, your credit card may also get blocked.

Is credit card charged monthly?

Interest is charged on a monthly basis.

Are credit card fees monthly?

Many credit cards charge a fee every year.

Is it safe to use credit card?

Almost all top credit cards offer zero fraud liability on unauthorized charges,

What is the risk of a credit card?

The Biggest Race Of Credit Cards Is Missing Credit Card Payments.

How does EMI on credit card work?

Some card issuing banks offer customers the option of paying their bills in EMIs.

What is annual fee of credit card?

A lump sum amount you have to pay every year when you sign up for some credit cards.

Can I convert credit card bill to EMI?

You can choose to convert your credit card payments into EMIs at the time of purchase and not later.

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