Confidence, creative confidence


 Everyone thinks that my idea is the best, but the idea is not so bad, if you think a little creative, then the idea can be better and you will be able to listen to the creative word, you would think that artists, musicians, web developers, app developers would be creative. But not lawyers or doctors. And today we will learn in this article how these creative people think about how they are. So let’s start with a small exam.
 There used to be two persons named Ram and Shyam in a village and there was a river flowing from that village, but still there was scarcity of water in that village and the people of that village were very reluctant to bring water from the river, but Ram night Used to fill water with water. And in the morning he used to earn some money by selling that water in the village. But he had to work very hard. And on the other hand, Shyam once went to the market and saw his eyes on a pipe and it came to his mind that the pipe can be used to transfer liquids like water etc. from one place to another. And he took a pipe and put it through the river in his village, now he can give water to the village whenever he wants. He just needs to turn on the tap. He does not even have to work hard anymore and he can earn money by supplying water to another village with this idea. Now if seen here, Shyam is a creator. With this creative idea, the water problem of the people of the village was overcome by the idea. This makes us learn this. We should remove the problems of people. And along with that we should think creatively so that we get creative confidence towards our idea.

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